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Systems Development

Custom software development calls for a structured set of procedures to be adhered to for it to give the best, desired results. For this reason, a systems development life cycle for creating a custom software application is followed, which form part of the software development process. The following are the distinct activities: requirements, systems analysis, detailed design and implementation workflows. Over and above these workflows the activities that involve planning, documentation and testing continue through the live cycle. Harpan Technologies ensures that this structured approach to software development is adhered to at all times.


Service Objective

  • Client satisfaction
  • Enforced development standards
  • Adherence to best practices
  • Adequate documentation and communication
  • Use of most appropriate technology
  • Reduced development time and costs
  • Change Management for successful user integration and buy-in



  • Requirements workflow: Explore the concept, Elicit the client’s requirements, Proof of concept / rapid prototyping
  • Analysis (specification) workflow: Analyze the client’s requirements, Draw up the specification document, Draw up the software project management plan, “What the product is supposed to do”, Priortise requirements
  • Design workflow: Architectural design, Detailed design, “How the product does it”
  • Implementation workflow: Coding, Unit testing, Integration, Acceptance testing
  • Harpan’s Track and Trace (TNT) management system is used for all communication and issue resolution