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Fixed-Price Consulting and System Development

This model is appropriate for clients who have well-defined project requirements and schedules. This model provides the clients with assurance of delivery when there is concern over possible problems in progress of projects. The customer will pay a pre-negotiated fixed price for the defined complete project scope. The project is well defined by schedules, milestones, deliverables and payment instalments. This model therefore enables the client to reduce risk by visibly monitoring progress of the project and pay for deliverables.

At Harpan, we believe that achieving a fine balance between long-term vision and shorter-term projects goals with clearly articulated milestones is a key differentiator. Our track record clearly demonstrates our leadership and innovative approaches in addressing many of the present-day challenges in IT outsourcing. The model works well with the Incremental development lifecycle model as it delivers usable increments at various stages of the project. Therefore this model will enable the client to realise business benefits early in the project life cycle. Further it allows the client to gain confidence in the products and services offered by Harpan whilst experiencing the benefits.

Effort Based Consulting

This model is appropriate for clients who:

  • Have requirements that are not easy to define
  • Change requirements during any of the life cycle workflows
  • Are not sure of the requirements and /or business process
  • Make amendments on an on-going basis;
  • Have business requirements that change on a regular basis

When scope, specification and implementation plans of a software development project are not easy to define at the outset, Effort Based Model becomes an attractive option. This model therefore ensures that the project costing is a culmination of total project execution time and the corresponding resources deployed on the project. We have very strict project management and reporting practices that ensures justification of time spent on the project.

Fixed Price support

The fixed price billing for support model offers unlimited support for the selected products developed. This model includes support via Harpan’s TNT issue management system, email, telephonic and onsite support. The fixed price excludes the cost of transport and accommodation to the clients designated site but includes the time spent onsite. It also includes minor changes that do not change the business and system rules. Systems that are owned by Harpan will receive periodic free updates from Harpan within the support agreement

Any development required will be evaluated and billed over and above the support contract at an agreed rate. The model is therefore suitable for clients that have minimal change requests resulting from business process changes.

Effort based support

The effort based billing for support model applies to clients that prefer to be billed on the effort required. This arrangement will require the client to purchase a set number of hours per month or per annum. All work (support and development) done will be deducted against the credit hours available. All credit remaining at the end of the billing period is automatically carried forward to the next billing period

The model is best suited for clients that are not sure of the effort required and would like to maintain control over the budget at all times. Further clients have the option to decide on what aspect to spend the budget on. Harpan, together with the client will negotiate payment options based on this model.

Rental of software products

Harpan has researched and developed products applicable in different verticals for the client’s convenience and cost effectiveness. These solutions hosted in world class data centres deliver turnkey solutions for various sizes of businesses functioning in the different verticals. Clients enjoy the luxury of minimal risk as they only pay a rental calculated on the size of your business. Since the applications are used over the web there is minimal investment in hardware and infrastructure and you are not prone to the costs of changing technology. Further solutions can be used on the different mobile devices.

Harpan grants the client exclusive licence to use the software for its own use on the designated equipment and sites. The rental of the software will include the support of the software to the designated administrator of the client

Outsourcing of Labour

Harpan’s complete outsourcing of labour model is used when clients require additional resources to complement their teams or require an entire development team. The client will be billed on an agreed rate for the period the resources are used either on or off site. The resource identified will report to the client and will deliver as per the client’s requests.