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To be a premier Information Technology service provider with a range of products and services that compliment and add value to our clients business processes.

  • A commitment to provide a highly professional IT service that provides solutions that meet our clients changing business needs
  • To measurably enhance and add value to our clients business processes and systems by applying effective ICT practices and processes
  • To provide diverse, dynamic and responsive IT solutions using the latest technologies

Our Commitment

Harpan is comprised of an integrated team of professionals who are committed to satisfy the ever changing requests of clients. The dynamic nature of any business, together with the rapid evolutions of IT and its related technology warrant a partner in your business that will give you the competitive edge. We believe that we can partner with you and deliver state of the art systems for the success and sustainability of your business

We have pioneered a methodology in solving client’s IT issues with quality of service and sound technology. Our team always strives to understand and assist its clients in realizing process and system improvement across all business entities. Extensive research and analysis of a client’s environment is undertaken to ensure the most appropriate solution is delivered. Our clients are satisfied as we exceed their expectations of quality and delivering projects on time and within budget. Continual research and development efforts are made in search of innovative alternatives to offer increased value for our clients. We strive to be flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of our clients. We believe that we can offer an outstanding service, not only in terms of the immediate requirement but also in the long term.

Your preferred comprehensive IT solution provider

  • Our strength is our resources that are highly qualified, dedicated and experienced and have engaged in various levels of the systems development life cycle
  • All engagements are backed up by detailed system documentation at all phases to ensure continuity and ease of maintenance.
  • Our success can be attributed to the fact that our solutions conform to the client’s requirements in terms of functionality, quality and cost.
  • Harpan has a comprehensive Track and Trace (TNT) system that records, maintains and manages all communication between the client and the support consultant.
  • Personal contact is maintained with all clients not only to ensure that our solutions remain viable, but are also aware of new challenges and are ready to assist.